Devonport Futures empowering local residents

08 July 24


Local Devonport residents have reason to celebrate as a joint project between Real Ideas Organisation, Plymouth Community Homes, Devon Chamber of Commerce, and the National Trust has secured £234,000 to help uplift the community.

Funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the Devonport Futures project aims to empower residents by providing opportunities to develop valuable skills and gain employment. The project will focus on nurturing blue-green and immersive digital skills, addressing the growing demand in the createch industries, and implementing net carbon zero retrofit projects on buildings.

Additionally, it will aim to connect communities to nature, reflecting the city's commitment to inclusive economic growth, combating the climate emergency, and celebrating Devonport's maritime history.


Residents aged 18 and above who are unemployed or seeking new opportunities will have access to fully subsidized immersive digital skills training, work experience, and volunteering opportunities. The project also intends to provide individual funding and support through a dedicated Plymouth Community Homes Resident Learning Coordinator.


This initiative not only benefits the community by offering training and work experiences but also supports the city by addressing skills gaps and fostering community growth. It is indeed a promising project, and the partners are eager to commence the journey.

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