Efford Community Event: A Day of Fun and Record Attendance

05 June 24


On Thursday, May 30th, local community members gathered at High View School for the Efford Community Event. This annual event offers a free fun day out and provides information on improving health and wellbeing, education and employment opportunities, as well as details about the available services in the area. It provides a great opportunity for the community to come together.

During the event, our cheerful PCH team managed the much-loved Toy Giveaway stand. They offered a wide range of complimentary toys, teddy bears, dolls, and play equipment, all of which were recycled and upcycled from the PCH Reuse Centre.

The PCH Reuse Centre collects toys and household items left behind by residents in PCH properties, then recycles and distributes them to local children and families, supporting sustainability efforts.


One PCH resident said, "I can't believe how many toys were available, and most of them looked brand new. Thank you, my child will be happy for a while now."

The eventful day was filled with excitement as a record number of attendees, totalling 1400 local community members, made their way through the door.

Ryan Huws, Community Development Officer at Plymouth Community Homes said, “It was such a fantastic event, with record braking numbers of people attending. A great time was had by all. The Efford Community Network do such a brilliant job of organising community events. These events are proving to be so popular!”

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