Fire Service visit Mount Wise Towers

28 May 24


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS) have been spending time with the PCH Fire Safety Team visiting some of our more familiar buildings around the city.

These familiarisation visits consist of the DSFRS team making visual inspections of the building and ensuring they know all the access points to the building and communal areas to keep residents safe in the event of a fire.

The firefighters record what they see and store the information for if they need to attend an incident in the building.

Thie familiarisation visit is part of the working partnerships PCH has with DSFRS and our other emergency services across the city, and Fire Safety Regulations 2022 mean it is a requirement for PCH to provide fire and rescue services with information to help them plan and respond to an incident within our high-rise buildings.

As part of our commitment to fire safety, PCH has created a new post to look after our tall buildings - tall buildings are classed as 18 metres plus or seven or more floors in height.   

Jo Rees, Tall Buildings Liaison Officer will work with Marc Gray, our Interim Fire and Building Safety Manager to ensure our tall buildings are safe and that we are working with the residents who live there.

We have a new Tall Building Resident Panel – with residents from across our six tall buildings who will work regularly with us to:

  • Improve the information on changes to safety within each building.
  • Improve general safety knowledge and understanding.
  • Work with the Fire and Rescue Service on sessions with residents.
  • Invite residents on estate walkabouts to support building management.

To find out more about joining the panel, contact us on 0808 230 6500 or email

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