From Trash to Treasure: Janner Men's Shed visits the Reuse Centre

14 February 24


The Janner Men's Shed group is a community group that aims to promote the well-being of men by providing a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment where they can come together to work on projects, share skills, and socialise. Recently, they paid a visit to our Reuse Centre, which is located in Burrington Way, Plymouth. 

The Reuse Centre is a part of Plymouth Community Homes, and it is dedicated to recycling and rehoming items from our vacant properties. Donna Vickers, an Environmental Services Charge Hand, accompanied the Men's Shed group on a tour of the Centre. She showed them around and gave them an insight into how the Centre operates. 

Donna Vickers, Environmental Services Charge Hand at Plymouth Community Homes said “It was an absolute honour and privilege to meet with the lovely group from the Janner Men’s Shed today and we are thrilled that we can support them with their amazing projects with many of the recyclable items that come through the Reuse Centre such as unwanted wood, metal and tools. We are looking forward to working with them.”

The Reuse Centre has a vast collection of materials that are suitable for DIY and crafts. The Centre collects items such as furniture, appliances, tools, and other household items that can be reused and given a new life. These items are then repaired, cleaned, and given back to our community through free toy fairs and donations.  

Malcom Newman, Men’s Shed said “After having a good look around the Reuse Centre, I was surprised at the variety of items that could be useful for Shed Projects. The staff were so helpful and welcoming, they definitely went the extra mile for us”.

The Men's Shed group was thrilled to see the range of materials available at the Centre. They noted that the Centre offered an avenue for them to access numerous materials to support their activities. The group, which is known for its woodworking and metalworking, was particularly impressed with the range of resources available at the Centre. 

Ryan Huws, Communities Worker at Plymouth Community Homes said "The Janner Men’s Shed is so pleased that the PCH Reuse Centre can help the group with their work. Today, Louise Turner and Donna Vickers gave us a thorough tour of the Centre and we talked about how we can up-cycle discarded items and make good use of unwanted wood. Shed Members enjoyed the tour and look forward to collaborating with the Reuse Centre”.

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