New Tenant Satisfaction Measures published for Plymouth Community Homes

20 June 24

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Plymouth Community Homes, the largest social housing landlord in Plymouth, is proud to publish its first ever set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures which show how the organisation is performing and what residents think of our services.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures, or TSMs, are a new set of 22 measures introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) in April 2023 to help assess the quality of services provided by social housing landlords across England.

Measures include a mix of customer perception metrics and management information performance data, and are designed to give a rounded view of how social landlords are performing – and how they compare to others.

PCH wants to be open with its residents and share how we are performing as a landlord so our tenants and customers can hold us to account, and help us make improvements where we need to.

We have ambitions to be in the top 25% of housing landlords for customer satisfaction – and we are delighted to have achieved this in the first set of TSM results, with an Overall Satisfaction score of 85% - understood to be one of the highest results in the sector.

We’ve also scored well with strong performance in building safety compliance measures, and for repairs – despite major challenges with increased numbers of repairs to be delivered in the last year.

We have more to do on complaints, particularly around how we handle complaints so residents are more satisfied with how their complaint is dealt with, and on ensuring we take action when we uphold a complaint. We’re also focused on improving customer perception measures of how well we handle anti-social behaviour.

But it is rewarding to see that our performance and customer perception scores show PCH is comparing well to other housing associations, and that residents are happy with the quality of services we provide.

Jonathan Cowie, Chief Executive of PCH, said: “I am very proud of our results, particularly to see PCH earning an overall customer satisfaction score of 85%, as it shows we as an organisation are doing well and residents are happy with the service we provide.

“TSM results across many other measures are also excellent, and illustrate how hard our teams are working to deliver positive change for our residents, and help improve lives. Our results are very much a testimonial to the quality of the service we deliver because our staff are living our values and working to make a real difference in people’s lives.

“We are by no means complacent and we want to do more – so we have already set ourselves some challenging targets for the coming year to help us improve services further.

“We also want to address the areas where our TSM scores aren’t as high as we’d like them to be, and work to enhance our performance to make sure we are delivering truly outstanding services for our residents to meet our business objectives.”

You can view all of the TSM results here.

PCH will be monitoring progress against these new TSM measures on a quarterly basis, alongside a range of other performance measures, and the results will be shared on our website.

Our results are reported to the Regulator, and will be published nationally to see how PCH compares with other social housing landlords.

PCH will monitor and update its progress on the TSM measures over the coming year as part of its work to meet the new Consumer Standards, which were also introduced in April.

Data is collected throughout the year to compile the TSM reports, and PCH uses an independent organisation called Housemark to benchmark us against other landlords. We also benchmark our performance data across all service-based organisations, not just those in the housing sector.

Our TSMs are also subject to an internal audit process.

Customer perception measures are collected through telephone surveys which are carried out independently by a research firm, and we commission 250 surveys every three months.

If you are a PCH tenant and you would like to contact us in relation to the results in this report, please contact us by email using the address  or alternatively call via our Contact Centre on 0808 230 6500.

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