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PCH and Community Members Kick Off Walking Football Match

01 May 24


Staff from Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) gathered at Harpers Five-a-Side Football Pitches for the annual walking football match with residents and community members from The Crossroads Fun and Friendship Centre. The event brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, promoting physical activity and social interaction. 

The day featured two competitive games, with the residents closely winning the first game and PCH winning the second. Both teams played with heart and determination, showcasing a great mixture of sporting talent and respect. The match was not only about the game but also about supporting mental health awareness and community engagement.

Jay Vickers, Plymouth Community Homes, said: "We had a great time playing against the community members and residents, It was a fun way to support our community and highlight the importance of interacting with our community, all whilst catching up with some familiar faces." 

Len Russell, Crossroads Fun & Friendship Centre, said “All members, staff and volunteers who participated on the day had a really great time and are looking forward to the next event. A big thank you to Plymouth Community Homes for helping to make it happen.”

The day was a perfect example of how communities can unite through sports for a good cause. PCH and the Crossroads Centre are eager for more opportunities to support their community in the future.


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