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Plymouth Bike Hire: A Hub for Adventure Enthusiasts and Community Support

24 April 24


We recently teamed up with Plymouth Bike Hire to offer an exciting adventure to some of our residents, who enjoyed exploring the stunning Plym Valley Bike trails.

During our collaboration, we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Thompson, the dedicated owner and operator of the bike hire shack nestled in Coypool Park&Ride , Plympton, where he has been serving the community for over a decade.

What initially began as a humble converted bus has since blossomed into a vibrant hub for adventure. Spanning from Plympton to North Devon, cyclists can traverse an array of scenic bike trails, all made accessible through Plymouth Bike Hire's extensive selection of bikes and equipment. Plymouth Bike Hire provides a variety of rental options and equipment, all offered at affordable rates. To top it off, visitors can refuel with an assortment of delectable snacks, including freshly brewed coffee, bacon sandwiches, pizzas, and croissants.

In recent years Andrew has been joined by Dominic (Nic) and their commitment to their community shines through with their ability to offer free bike rides and walks, all supported with the equipment needed, made possible through a close-knit partnership with Plymouth Active and a Plymouth City Council initiative to promote walking and cycling. Currently offered once a month, Andrew and Nic work closely with community groups, offering them an amazing free day out experience, whether it’s a guided bike ride with all equipment included or a beautiful group led stroll.

Andrew mentions when asked about his inspiration, sharing how he noticed the absence of bike hire services in such an amazing location, spurring him to fill the void. Additionally, he mentioned the recent expansion of services to Mount Edgcumbe, at Rame Riders where they now offer electric off-road scooters and electric mountain bikes for rent, catering to a wider range of outdoor enthusiasts.

For Andrew, enhancing outdoor experiences and supporting his local community is his goal. Every penny earned is reinvested into improving bike equipment and improving community initiatives. Post-retirement, Andrew has found fulfilment in not only staying active but also in making a meaningful contribution to the community he calls home, all while indulging in his love for outdoor adventure.

Andrew said, “After retiring I wanted something to keep my mind right. We do what we can with the time we have and it’s a great way to share the benefits of biking to my community”.

Furthermore, they host ride sessions catering to disabled members and coordinate a monthly group event in partnership with eLIVEate. This collaboration offers innovative and personalised support for individuals with Learning Disabilities, Autism, complex backgrounds, and diverse support requirements, in the Plymouth and Southwest Devon area.

Looking ahead, Andrew mentioned plans to expand their adaptive cycling program. They aim to acquire assisted bikes to facilitate adaptive cycling for disabled riders.

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