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Plymouth Community Homes Halsall statement

08 April 24

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Plymouth Community Homes is sad to learn that Halsall Construction has filed a notice of intention to appoint an administrator, and for the situation facing staff at both Halsall Construction and its parent company, Halsall Homes.

Plymouth Community Homes Regeneration (PCHR) is engaged in a joint venture with Halsall Homes on the Silver Hill scheme in Tamerton Foliot to deliver 38 homes.

Of these, 28 are for open market sale and 11 for affordable housing, with five for affordable rent and six for shared ownership purchase. Three of the shared ownership homes have completed and sold, and 14 of the open market homes have been sold, so 17 homes are now occupied.

PCH secured grant funding from Homes England to purchase 7 of the remaining available open market homes so these could also be made available for shared ownership purchase.

Construction on the 21 units still under construction is at varying stages.

PCH will work with Halsall Homes to see if there is a solution to ensure work on site at Silver Hill can be completed.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to support residents.

The warranty provider for the completed homes at Silver Hill is the National House Building Council (NHBC).

The responsibility for resolving any defects in the 17 occupied properties rests with Halsall Homes under the joint venture agreement with PCHR.

As Halsall Homes is still operational, defects should still be reported to Halsall - either by buyers directly if they are open market buyers in their second year of residency, or first to PCH for open market buyers in their first year, or shared owners.

The correct contact information for both Halsall and PCH in case of reporting defects is included in residents' Home User Guides. In either the first or second year of residency, buyers can also report defects to NHBC if they are not being rectified by Halsall Homes.

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