Residents explore the ocean with VR experience day

07 February 24


We teamed up with the Ocean Conservation Trust, creating an immersive virtual reality journey for residents at Leypark Court. This journey allowed them to embark on a captivating voyage through the ocean's depths. The immersive VR experience offered an interactive exploration of the ocean, some of Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium's tanks, and bustling marine ecosystems.

The virtual reality experience aimed to encourage residents to connect with the ocean and its inhabitants. It helped them learn about the importance of ocean conservation and understand the impact that human activity has on the delicate marine environment. It was an opportunity for the residents to experience the beauty and wonder of the ocean without leaving the comfort of their own home.

The feedback from the residents was overwhelmingly positive. Many said that they felt like they were swimming with the fish and other sea creatures. This collaboration between technology and conservation is just one example of how we can use innovation to raise awareness of important environmental issues and inspire positive change in our communities. We hope that this immersive virtual reality journey is just the beginning of many more exciting projects to come.

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