St Peter's School Pupils and Plymouth Community Homes Join Forces to Plant Trees in Flora Park Court

06 March 24


As part of the Urban Forest Scheme, Plymouth Community Homes is working with the Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest to plant more trees in the green spaces around our homes and neighbourhoods. Our team of tree specialists along with experts from Plymouth City Council, carefully select the right trees, ensuring they are healthy and planted in suitable locations. We take measures to ensure that these trees will not cause any harm or nuisance to the surrounding area and properties, such as avoiding planting them too close to buildings and obstructing daylight.

Last week, a group of motivated pupils from St Peter's Primary School joined us in a tree-planting initiative at Flora Park Court. The pupils showed great enthusiasm as they dug and planted new trees and hedging whips in the communal garden area. It was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to learn about the environment and the importance of taking care of nature.

Marc Wheeler, Head at St Peter's Primary School said, "One of our passions as a school is supporting our children and our community to flourish. We were therefore delighted to be given the opportunity to help improve the local area by planting trees in a location that can be viewed from our school playground. The children loved the opportunity and were excited by the fact that they were contributing to something that would still be there for years to come. One pupil even commented that it was one of the best experiences they have had and that she would visit the trees every week to watch them grow."

A local PCH resident, said, "I planted a tree nearby about 10 years ago and have enjoyed watching it grow throughout the years. It's lovely to see the kids getting involved in planting beautiful trees. It is such a wonderful idea, and I am sure I will enjoy watching these trees grow too."

Ryan Huws, Communities Worker said, "Despite the heavy rain and mud, local school children and Flora Court residents came out to have a look and lend a hand with the tree planting. The schoolchildren also planted whips that will grow to be a long hedge and a haven for wildlife."

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to get involved, please contact If you would like to learn more about the Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest, contact

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