We use consultation as a way of gathering views and feedback from our residents. 

We want to consult with you to improve our policies. We appreciate all feedback from you and we aim to make consultation as open, easy and transparent as possible. 

A new way for residents to review our services

How we word our adverts on Devon Home Choice?
Please fill in our latest PCH survey about our Devon Home Choice Adverts for a chance to win a £50 Love2shop voucher.

What is Devon Home Choice?
Devon Home Choice is an online website/app that allows people to look at and apply for council and housing association homes. PCH places adverts on Devon Home Choice to promote our properties and show what is available to rent.

Why do we need to review the adverts?
In this survey we want to check with PCH residents that the wording we use in our Devon Home Choice adverts is clear and understandable. This is important not only for residents but also helps us make sure that each advert attracts the right person/family. Please note, this is an in-depth consultation; so would be very grateful, if you have the time, that you have a look at the wording of these adverts and tell us what you think.

Click the link to join the survey and give us your comments

Survey closes 5pm on Friday 14th June 2019. Please note all respondents must be PCH residents


Food Experience Survey

 We’re inviting residents to take art in a city-wide survey to learn more about food insecurity in Plymouth.

We’re teaming up with students at the University of Plymouth to carry out a survey measuring how many people experience food insecurity in Plymouth – which means people who worry about, or unable, to access affordable food that makes up a healthy diet.

There is currently no measure of how many people are affected by food insecurity in Plymouth. However we do know that in the UK over 1.5million three day emergency food parcels have been provided by the Trussel Trust food banks in the last year. This is an 18% increase from the previous year, suggesting that food insecurity is a growing issue. Although it’s important to know how many people are using food banks, this is not a reliable measure of food insecurity. This is why the food experience survey is so important to help us better understand our local community.

The University plan to focus on the extent of food insecurity in Plymouth and assessing who may be at the biggest risk. We’ll use these findings to look at food insecurity across our estates and what we can do to help as part of our health and wellbeing agenda.

Your views will remain confidential and make up part of a wider study across the city.

Survey closes on 31st May 2019 at 5pm. Please click this link to join the survey

Consultation feedback 

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