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Money advice

We have a dedicated Financial Inclusion Team at Plymouth Community Homes who can give you really good money advice

We can provide you with information and support on Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, the Benefit Cap, Tenancy Fraud and Bedroom Tax.

Money Advice

Cost of living support

There are many local and national companies providing hardship grants to support with the cost of utilities

If you receive a leaflet from tax credits advising that tax credits are coming to an end and they are being replaced by Universal Credit, please contact our Incomes Team on 0800 028 0350 before you make a claim as you do not need to do this yet and could be worse off.  

Managed Migration for people living in Devon will not start until after 8 January 2024 and you will receive a Managed Migration Notice telling you when you need to make a claim.

You do not need to apply until you get this notice as Under Managed Migration, if you are worse off on Universal Credit, you will receive Transitional Protection.

It is important you do not apply until you have received the Managed Migration Notice. If in any doubt, please contact us and we can advise.

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Call our dedicated team on 0800 028 0350 or email us.

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