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If you want to make any alterations or improvements to your home, you will need to write to us for permission first


What type of alterations will you approve?

Our Alterations to Homes Policy outlines the process of making an alteration request. In the policy, you’ll find a list of alterations that are permitted (Appendix A), and those that are not (Appendix B).

If your alteration request is approved, and within conditions:

  • all works undertaken will be entirely at your own expense
  • maintenance of proposed works will be your responsibility
  • the permissions will expire after 12 weeks, and you'll need to reapply if not completed within this time
  • the approved works will be inspected after the 12 week timescale. Any omission, errors, or defects found must be rectified at your own expense.


What information do I need to supply?

You’ll need to provide information about what you’re planning, with plans where necessary. Photographs of the room or location will also help us when reviewing the request.

In some circumstances a repairs supervisor will visit you to discuss your request. You will also need to comply with any planning and building regulations.

We will consider whether the proposed work will:

  • result in any additional future maintenance costs
  • result in claims against PCH from third parties
  • spoil the appearance of the property, or be in keeping with the appearance of the property and neighbourhood
  • would require significant work before the property can be re-let in the future
  • be carried out to an acceptable standard by a competent and qualified tradesperson
  • require any relevant certification, i.e. electric or gas
  • require any removal of asbestos under licence or require a comprehensive asbestos survey of your property, before the work begins.


How will consent be given?

Consent will be given in writing and there may be certain requirements and restrictions. All works undertaken will be entirely at your own expense. Maintenance of proposed works will also be your responsibility. 

The permissions will expire after 12 weeks, and you'll need to reapply if the works haven't been completed by then. Once approved, works will be inspected after the 12-week timescale. 

Apply for an alteration

Send a request using the Alterations Request Form below or call us on 0808 230 6500.

Request an alteration

You can find a full list of alterations that will be approved in Appendix A of our Alterations to Homes Policy.

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