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Mutual exchange

Did you know that you can exchange your home with another PCH resident, a Council or another registered housing provider?

To start your journey you will need to apply at HomeSwapper, a national service where you can find other people who are looking to move. This service is free to PCH tenants. Once you have signed up to this service, we will approve your account and you can start searching!

HomeSwapper has lots of tips on how to find someone to swap with and how to create the best advert for your current home.

Typically people use this service to:

  • Move to a bigger or a smaller home
  • Move to a different part of the country
  • Move to a different part of Plymouth

We may refuse an exchange if you do not meet certain conditions so please make sure you are ‘Mutual Exchange Ready’ before you apply. This includes things like making sure:

  • You do not owe us money
  • You have an Assured tenancy (issued after your first 12 months in a home)
  • The property you want to move to meets your needs.

I have found someone to swap with, what do I do now?

If you and the person you are swapping with have made sure you are Mutual Exchange Ready, we need an application from both of you to begin the Mutual Exchange process.

Here are the full instructions on how to submit your application using SwapTracker.

If you are a PCH tenant, once you have found someone to swap with you can apply using the ‘Apply’ button on the HomeSwapper app or website. This will start the application form.

If you are a tenant of another Landlord, please email us your name, address and postcode to and one of our team will send you a link for the application form.


If you have any questions on Mutual Exchanges please contact us on 08082 306 500.