How we operate

Board and committees

Our Board is responsible for setting our strategic direction and are supported by three committees – Customer Focus, Audit & Risk and Development

Our Board is responsible for setting our strategic direction, has overall responsibility for our financial strength and our service performance, whilst ensuring that we achieve high standards and value for money. 

They meet at least six times a year, with our Annual General Meeting  held each September, and are supported by three committees – Customer Focus, Audit & Risk and Development.

PCH also has two subsidiaries, each with its own Board of Directors reporting to the main group board. These are PCH Energy Ltd and PCH Regeneration Ltd.

We publish our board minutes so you can see what decisions our boards and committees have been making and how these decisions might affect you. You can also check our board and committee calendar so you can see when they meet.

Plymouth Community Homes is a registered provider under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014 Registration No: 30637R.

The Customer Focus Committee (CFC) supports the Board by making sure PCH provides excellent services to all of its residents and supporting communities. 

The CFC is made up of four Board Members and three resident co-optee members. We have increased the number of co-optee positions available on the CFC to include leaseholders and shared owners as well as tenants. We know how important it is to have people with lived experience of PCH services and communities involved in our decision-making process.

There are typically four meetings a year which are held on Friday mornings and last around two hours.

Together with Tenants

Together with tenants

CFC lead on Together with tenants and work with our residents to roll out a plan and charter to give residents a stronger voice.

Together with tenants is a national project led by the National Housing Federation that aims to balance the relationship between residents and social landlords.


Become a board or committee member

Have your say on our services and join the Board or one of our committees 

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