Stock Condition Surveys 2024

28 June 24

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We have commissioned Savills to carry out our large-scale stock condition survey, which will be starting on Monday 1st July 2024.

Over the next three months they will be carrying out stock condition surveys on our homes across the city, to look at future repairs and maintenance that may be needed on our properties as part of our Major Works Investment Programme.

The large scale stock condition survey takes place every five years, and a selection of our residents living in our properties across the city will soon be receiving letters to inform them that a surveyor may call at their property between 1st July - 27th September 2024.

The surveyors will need to look inside a variety of our homes, as well as communal areas and gardens, which will take between 30 minutes and an hour per survey.  We aim to undertake a 25% sample of properties by construction type (for example traditional brick construction) and property type (houses / flats).

All staff will be wearing a Savills identification badge and will carry a letter from PCH on headed paper as proof they are working on our behalf. We will not ask you to take time off work or wait in for a surveyor to call. If you are not at home, they will leave a calling card to arrange another time that suits you.

If you have any questions, please email

For more information about our survey programme, take a look at the FAQs below:

Why are we carrying out this survey?

The data gathered from the surveys will be used to plan for repairs and future investment programmes.  

Who will be carrying out the survey?

Savills have been commissioned to undertake stock condition surveys and their surveyors will have an ID badge and letter of authority from ourselves to show their identity.

When will the surveys be undertaken?

The surveys will commence on Monday 1st July 2024 and we are aiming to complete them by Friday 27th September 2024.

What happens after the survey?

Once Savills have completed all their surveys they send all the information to us, along with a report on the overall condition of the stock. They do not provide us with written reports for each property.

Whilst Savills will provide us with recommended re-inspection dates for elements of your home, based on recommended lifecycles, these dates are used to support financial planning only and are not a confirmed year of re-inspection or replacement dates.

Why have we been asked to take part in the survey?

Properties are chosen to provide a representative sample of our housing stock.  We aim to undertake a 25% sample of properties by construction type (i.e. traditional brick construction) and property type (Houses / Flats etc).

What does the survey involve?

The survey will involve a visual inspection of all of the key areas and building components in your property. As this is visual only no items of furniture or any other items need to be moved and no special arrangements need to be made. The full survey should take no more than 1 hour.

Who to contact for complex queries?

Please email any queries to or call Jaime Tickle on 01752 388397.

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