Subject Access Request (SAR)

How to request personal information from PCH

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 gives you the right, subject to certain exemptions, to access to any personal information held about you. This is often referred to as an individual’s ‘right of access’.

Your rights when making a subject access request

Unless, exceptionally, there is a legal reason for withholding this information, we will:

  • provide you with a copy of your personal information, or
  • give you a description of it if we cannot provide actual documents
  • tell you where it has come from, if not obvious

Completing a Subject Access Request Application Form will help you to provide us with all the details we need to locate the information you are requesting. However, the form is not essential. You can write to

Governance Team, Plymouth Community Homes, Plumer House, Tailyour Road, Plymouth, PL6 5DH

Alternatively, you can make a request electronically, by email, to Where an electronic request is made, the information will be provided to you electronically, unless you advise us that you would prefer to have paper copies.

Proof of identity

To avoid personal data about one person being sent to another, either accidently or as the result of deception, Plymouth Community Homes needs to check your identity. In most circumstances we will use the information that was obtained when you started your tenancy to confirm your identity. However we may ask you to provide further proof of identity before we are able to send your request to you.

Where a request is being made on behalf of a third party we will also ask for evidence of consent from the individual that the third party is acting on their behalf, such as a signed authorisation letter


There is normally no charge for a Subject Access Request. However if you require further copies of the personal data or submit excessive requests we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee.

Timescales and response

You will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days and a full response within 1 month from receipt of your request and from satisfactory proof of identity. We reserve the right to extend this timescale by up to a further 2 months if the request is complex or we have received a large number of requests.

What can I do if my data is not correct?

If you think the information we hold is inaccurate or incomplete you need to tell us. If we agree it is wrong we will arrange for it to be corrected or removed. You will then be able to see an amended copy of the information.

For more information and help on making a Subject Access Request, please email  or telephone the Governance Team on 01752 388134 or 388152


Subject Access Request Guidance

Subject Access Request form

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