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Homes to rent

Plymouth Community Homes is part of Devon Home Choice.

All our available homes to rent are advertised as part of the Devon wide scheme called Devon Home Choice which is a partnership of social landlords and councils in Devon and includes adverts for all social rent vacancies. As a choice based letting scheme customers can see what is available and express their interest by placing a bid.

You can look at our homes for rent without registering with Devon Home Choice. If you want to bid for a property or be considered for a tenancy you need to be registered. To find out more about getting registered you can:

From time to time we have some homes that are advertised alongside Devon Home Choice to reach as many people as possible and details can be found on ‘Homes coming soon.

To find out more about our letting policy and standards, read the policy documents here.

You can now download the Devon Home Choice app to your smartphone.

If you’re registered with Devon Home Choice you can view and bid for properties. The app can be downloaded here to:

Android phones or tablets from the Play Store

Apple phones or iPad's from the App Store

Read our app guide in the related documents above for help with getting started. The app is free to download, although operator data charges may apply (check with your phone provider).

Getting Rent Ready 

Rent Ready helps you put in place everything you need to rent a home from Plymouth Community Homes.

Our three step plan focusses on what you need to do to make sure you put yourself in the driving seat before you’ve bid on, and are offered a PCH home.

The three steps explain what documents and proof you will need to provide before we can offer you a tenancy. They are:

  • Money Matters
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address

 Find out how to get Rent Ready