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Rent a home

All our available homes to rent are advertised as part of the Devon and Cornwall wide schemes called Devon Home Choice and Cornwall Home Choice.

These are partnerships of social landlords and councils in Devon and Cornwall, and includes adverts for all social rent vacancies. As a choice based letting scheme customers can see what is available and express their interest by placing a bid.

You can look at our homes for rent without registering with Devon Home Choice or Cornwall Home Choice. If you want to bid for a property or be considered for a tenancy you need to be registered. To find out more about getting registered you can:

From time to time we have some homes that are advertised alongside Devon Home Choice and Cornwall Home Choice to reach as many people as possible and details can be found on Homes available.

To find out more about our letting policy and standards, read the policy documents here.


Getting Rent Ready 

Rent Ready helps you put in place everything you need to rent a home from Plymouth Community Homes.

Our three step plan focusses on what you need to do to make sure you put yourself in the driving seat before you’ve bid on, and are offered a PCH home.

The three steps explain what documents and proof you will need to provide before we can offer you a tenancy. They are:

Money Matters

It's important to check your finances before you bid on a property. Think CASH:

  • Check - Does your bank or building society account let you make direct debit payments? We will need to see copies of your bank statements to verify income and outgoings.
  • Ask - Do you have the money to pay for the costs of moving and furnishing your home? You may be eligible for help with moving costs and rent in advance in the form of a Discretionary Housing Payment, please contact your local authority for more information. Additional grants and loans can be applied for, visit the Turn2Us website for further details.
  • Save - Have you saved four weeks rent in advance? If you are in receipt of certain benefits, charitable help or short-term benefit advances may be available to you. Charity Search and the website have plenty of helpful resources available.
  • Help - Have completed your own credit check? It’s important to look at your credit report to establish that it’s accurate. If you have any outstanding debts, ensure that you’ve set up repayment plans and or have enough disposable income to make the minimum repayments. Plymouth Community Homes will carry out a credit check with Experian as a part of the Tenancy Assessment process, so it’s advisable to assess your financial situation beforehand. 

Completing the CASH check is important, because if you don’t, it could mean you miss out on a property.

Proof of Identity

Once you have checked your finances, you should make sure that you have documents to prove your identity.

Your identity will need to be confirmed with photo ID. This could be a passport, EEA Permanent Residence card or a UK driving license. Other documents can be accepted, please check the Right to Rent guidance on the website for more information.

Without proof of identity, we will be unable to offer you a property

Proof of Address

After you’ve checked your finances and gathered your proof of identity, you will need to ensure you have the documents to provide proof of address.

Documents such as utility bills, benefit award letters, payslips or bank statements that are dated within the last three months can be accepted.

If you’ve chosen paperless billing, you can provide digital or printed copies of your documentation as proof of address.

Remember, if you need to prove a local connection to the area, make sure that you have the relevant evidence to support your application.

Once you’ve completed all three steps, you’re officially Rent Ready and prepared for the next step; the Pre Tenancy Assessment.