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Help shape and improve our services and tell us what its really like to be a PCH resident

  • Improve Neighbourhood

    Improve things for you and your neighbourhood

  • Make Decisions

    Help us to make key decisions that will affect residents and improve our services

  • Meet People

    Meet new people and make new friends

  • Learn New Skills

    Learn new skills, access free training and improve your confidence

  • Boost

    Boost your chances of getting paid work or into further education

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Get involved options

From online surveys and consultations, to walkabouts in your neighbourhood, there's lots of ways that you can get involved

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Resident review

Join together with other residents to review one of our services in depth and help improve the way we do things

Together with Tenants

Together with Tenants

We're an adopter of the Together with Tenants charter, working with our residents to give them a stronger voice

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