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Together with tenants

We are proud to have fully adopted Together with tenants and to be working with our residents to roll out a plan and charter to give residents a stronger voice

Together with tenants is a national project led by the National Housing Federation that aims to balance the relationship between residents and social landlords.

Plymouth Community Homes took a lead role in working with residents to understand the plan and adopt the Together with tenants charter.

The six commitments in the charter

Together with tenants in practice

We worked with tenants to understand what information is important, and how we should provide it in an accessible way.

We ensure our annual report is influenced by what tenants say is important to them.

We monitor our performance against the Together with tenants charter commitments, and report it at least annually to our Board.

Find out more about the national Together with tenants campaign

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Contact the Communities Team on 0808 230 6500 or email us.

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